GORE-TEX®隆鼻-談一體成形的GORE-TEX® PureForm®鼻模

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PureForm® ,一體成形的GORE-TEX®鼻模

GORE-TEX®是一種屬於合成性的材質,原本用於心臟外科的心室或心房中隔缺損修補、一般外科的疝氣修補、洗腎用的人工血管和顱顏整形外傷整形的顏面重建,其材質為ePTFE(extended polytetrafluoroethylene),使用於人體已有30年以上的歷史,所以安全性是值得放心的!


這一次要介紹的就是一體成形的GORE-TEX®鼻模──PureForm®鼻模,PureForm®的材質就是ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) ,通稱為GORE-TEX®。它是由美國U.S.A. Surgical Technology Laboratories, Inc. 所研發製造,通過美國和台灣FDA的認證。雅丰已經採用GORE-TEX®─PureForm®鼻模在許多隆鼻手術的病人身上。

PureForm 鼻模包裝

PureForm Pre-formed 3-D ePTEF Facial Implant

The PureForm Facial Implant is an expanded polymer implant device intended for augmentation or repair of the soft tissues of the facial area. The device is offered in pre-formed nasal, Para-Nasal, chin and malar shapes. The PureForm will help surgeons to save time and reduce inconvenience procedure such as carving blocks.


  • Pre-Formed 3-D Shapes (Chin, Nasal, Para-Nasal and Malar)
  • Biocompatibility
  • Multiple Designs and Sizes
  • Predictable tissue response and augmentation
  • Micro-porous surface stabilizes the implant reducing migration
  • Provided sterile
  • Easily carved for a custom fit

SFAM Carvable Sheets & Blocks

Surgiform Facial Augmentation Material is a biocompatible high density ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) device (by CTI technology) intend for cosmetic & augmentation of the soft tissue of facial area (Nasal, Chin, Malar, Para-Nasal), also can be carved or trimmed to desired size & shape by surgeons.

Controlled Tissue Integration (CTI) Technology

Aside form being inert and biocompatible, ePTFE can be configured to provide varied amounts of tissue integration. PureForm Facial Implants are designed to provide controlled tissue integration (CTI) for the purpose of stabilizing our implants.
The micro-structure of the implant surface is optimized to facilitate soft tissue in-growth while ensuring that the implant can be easily explanted with blunt dissection.
The CTI design minimizes the formation of a fibrotic capsule providing a consistent and predictable surgical outcome and a high level of patient satisfaction.

PureForm 衛署醫器證書